By Transitoire

Le Balcon

Mère des souvenirs, maîtresse des maîtresses,
Ô toi, tous mes plaisirs! ô toi, tous mes devoirs!
Tu te rappelleras la beauté des caresses,
La douceur du foyer et le charme des soirs,
Mère des souvenirs, maîtresse des maîtresses!

Les soirs illuminés par l'ardeur du charbon,
Et les soirs au balcon, voilés de vapeurs roses.
Que ton sein m'était doux! que ton coeur m'était bon!
Nous avons dit souvent d'impérissables choses
Les soirs illuminés par l'ardeur du charbon.

Que les soleils sont beaux dans les chaudes soirées!
Que l'espace est profond! que le coeur est puissant!
En me penchant vers toi, reine des adorées,
Je croyais respirer le parfum de ton sang.
Que les soleils sont beaux dans les chaudes soirées!

La nuit s'épaississait ainsi qu'une cloison,
Et mes yeux dans le noir devinaient tes prunelles,
Et je buvais ton souffle, ô douceur! ô poison!
Et tes pieds s'endormaient dans mes mains fraternelles.
La nuit s'épaississait ainsi qu'une cloison.

Je sais l'art d'évoquer les minutes heureuses,
Et revis mon passé blotti dans tes genoux.
Car à quoi bon chercher tes beautés langoureuses
Ailleurs qu'en ton cher corps et qu'en ton coeur si doux?
Je sais l'art d'évoquer les minutes heureuses!

Ces serments, ces parfums, ces baisers infinis,
Renaîtront-ils d'un gouffre interdit à nos sondes,
Comme montent au ciel les soleils rajeunis
Après s'être lavés au fond des mers profondes?
- Ô serments! ô parfums! ô baisers infinis!

So this is Baudelaire, and not about a group of friends sitting on a balcony enjoying the sun with a cup of tea and an annoying photographer...but my favourite Baudelaire poem. And, well, everyone's sitting on a balcony and it seems a good time to crack it out! It is really interesting to look at the different translations of this poem too, as everyone has their own idea about what it actually says.

So, finally a time to sleep in. Was so nice to wake up knowing I could go back to sleep if I wanted...not happened for a while! My early afternoon was spent with Becky and Claire on the grass by the castle, discussing their experience of French chavs at the fair (amongst other things) before I headed to see Thibaud, Thomas et al. at the flat and to catch the last of the rays on their balcony. And yes, that is indeed a British flag in their window blame Thomas, and Thomas is also wearing all British clothing - you can't expect that sort of colour from France...and I love it!

Now my evening actually went rather differently than expected. Totally my fault. I was meant to be going to a crémaillère at Romain's in Ouistreham...but because I can't read my own text messages I misread the time of the last bus to Ouistreham and therefore ended up being too late to catch the bus. Rather annoying, especially for the others as well as I had the present! Still feel pretty bad. However, my evening was not lost as I headed back (again) to the flat to meet Thibaud and head with him to Ross and Co. for the beginning of an Erasmus evening. Again, unfortunately not many Erasmus (it being the start of holidays and all) but it did mean we got to try a nice new beer for free called Kikette (sounds like quéquette = penis, slang...I think the French's idea of a joke!) and have a nice chat. I've only just realised that English people never mumble when they speak French, yet in English we do...and vice versa with the French, quite happy mumbling in French and never do so in English. Who'd've thought it!

So after chez Ross; Gaetan, Simon, myself and a few others headed to Mozzies to finish the night. And you know what, pas mal. Lovely evening had by all I think.

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