Summer, definitely

Keith was up and away before 8 today, I woke a little after that and went more or less straight out into the garden on a mission to tidy and weed the big beds. I did the ones where we often sit, and these bigger ones are on the right as you walk up to the house. They were pretty grassy and full of the most enthusiastic buttercups and vetch. By 12 I was boiling hot and sweat was dripping off my face. I came in for a chilly shower, only to find I had dried blood here and there, eaten by insects. They love eyebrows, backs of knees, ankles.

The cold shower was lovely and refreshing, I had my breakfast and was getting into my second shift when I remembered there were things to screw off the bathroom walls in the red house. So I started that job, spent a while tidying up in the barn whilst looking (unsuccessfully) for a claw hammer. All the stuff is now off the walls apart from a cabinet that will take two of us. Lasse arrived at this point and we retired indoors for a cup of tea. Nice to see him, it's been a while.

He left, having other things to do, and I continued moving ever closer to the house. You can certainly see where I've been working, which is rewarding. Tomorrow I could be done, if the weather holds. Another cold shower was needed, it's been really hot today. We had a G&T in the garden when Keith came home from his all day meeting, very civilised. the blip is taken from our evening sunny spot. You can see the handrail on the steps to the deck, Betty's up on the hill, the red house beyond, and where we live is on the right. I love the evening light, but it is a tricky thing to do justice to.

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