By dfb24

WWII Days...

...taking place today and tomorrow, complete with a 1940's fashion show, skirmishes, military vehicles, military weapons, and lots of men and women in uniforms and clothing from that time. I had difficulty choosing a photo, so put some in the extras. I figured I might as well use them, as in 8 years I've never once used them all up. I saw this lady smoking, and I loved how the smoke coming off the cigarette was drifting behind her, as well as the smoke around her head as she exhaled. While walking around I saw a sign in Polish (that I couldn't read, but I recognized that it was Polish), so I stopped and talked to the man, who was born in Poland, and was dressed in a Polish uniform from 1939. He also had a saddle and everything that would have been carried by the mounted soldier--I love history, & I used to ride, so I found his explanations fascinating. Two young men (I'd guess around 20) gave me a talk on German weapons of WWII that was amazing, & I enjoyed the fashion show too. A really nice day and I'm glad I went. 
Yesterday wasn't the best day for me. As I mentioned before, I want to sell Tom's motorcycle, but while my brother-in-law came and started it, it was raining that day so he didn't want to drive it. I need to know if it drives okay or if it needs work since it hasn't been driven in 4 years. So yesterday one of my brothers picked up his good friend (who's ridden motorcycles for years) and brought him here to take it out for a spin. I was fine one minute, and the next, as he drove the bike out of the driveway, I just started crying. I had to go in the house and pull myself together. My brother felt terrible, but it wasn't his fault....it's just one of those moments that comes on so suddenly, & I just couldn't shake the sadness off. But the good news, his friend said it drove fine except for a couple of "coughs", no doubt due to the old gas in the tank so I can list it for sale. 

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