Living on the Wild Side

By WildEnglishGirl


Its been one of those beautifully scorching days today. Around 30⁰C during the afternoon. Little Man and I stayed home today and just enjoyed the sun. We didn't spend too long outside as I didn't want to him to burn. He did have a hat (which he kept taking off) and suncream on. I found some of my overalls that I'd got right before I got pregnant with Little Man. I don't think I'd even taken the labels off or washed them¹ realised how much I enjoy wearing them (even with the heat).

The laundry I put out on the line dried so fast due to the heat; I was grateful for that. I also took the opportunity to open all the windows in the house as there was a slight breeze today as well.

¹ I've always washed any new clothes I buy as I find the clothes store smell rather horrible. Piece of background, growing up I used to get a lot of my clothes from the second hand street markets in Uganda and the smell of those clothes are worse, but a lot different. I can't describe it but if you've smelt it, you'll know what I mean.

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