By LesTension


It's Motorhead Sunday and it's too bad this driver isn't a little more attuned to his SpecRacerFord (SRF3) machine.
You can see by the repairs to the left front fender that he was in a dustup the day before...or sometime previously.
Hasty and not quite right repairs has lead to the tire tyre rubbing on the fiberglass fender. This is the big race of the weekend for this large group of Spec Fords (63 entries) and this is his third lap with the tire tyre rubbing. You think he'd see the smoke wouldn't you? At the very least, his mates on watch would have radioed him about it.
He didn't complete the fourth lap. The tire tyre eventually rubbed completely off the wheel on the back side of this very long track (4.048 miles). He DQd of course.  Details! Details! Details!
Best in Large.

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