By WharfedaleBex


So, I have plenty of options up my sleeve in case of emergency... train, bus, taxi, knock on a door, stash my bike somewhere and ultimately, if I really need to, phone Rich who tracks me on my iPad.

My outing began after a train journey to Dent.  I've never started a ride from there before.  It was a pleasant way to begin, dropping into Dentdale and heading over to the stunning and wonderfully quiet, Barbondale. 

With a new hill to find, I continued my exploration on a road almost parallel to the road to Bullpot. I met no-one and it was another worthy one-way journey - although it didn't feel a day for singing.  

I was going to head up to Ribblehead from Ingleton on a road I'd spotted that I haven't been on before.  It joins the main road around half way.  Luckily, I'd spotted from the train that they'd top-dressed the road at Ribblehead and my back tyre was not in the best of shapes to risk a puncture.  Instead, I meandered along to Austwick and round to Settle where I wasn't feeling full of beans.  It wasn't difficult to listen to my body (which was keen on the train from here) so I took the flat way home which I haven't done in a long time and almost enjoyed myself.  The next problem was stopping my body turning for the train at Skipton, which was very appealing.  But I made it past the station entrance and took a leisurely ride home.

I avoided all incidents apart from this one and the question is:

How much of an emergency is forgetting your camera?  Does it warrant, 'Phone Rich'?  My heart lurched for a moment when I realised.

I went for 'Use phone' instead! 
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