By Skysea7

Heligan can tell lies just like Boris!

On Heligan’s website today they advertised a solstice meet at midday in the wildflower fields. They showed a photo of a field of corn marigolds. I went there early because I wanted to see is the wildflower fields but not be involved in crowds at a druid ceremony. When I got there there was just some long grass and lots of weeds where the wildflowers should be. I spoke to a gardener who said the flowers wouldn’t be out until the end of July. So why did Heligan promote its event by using a photo that must have been from last year?  Learning from Boris about telling lies?

I then went towards the Steward's House, hoping to get a cold drink. It has nice gardens around it but it and the garden was totally closed. Heligan's website on and on Facebook they promote their current features, but manage not to point out the areas that are closed!

Finally, hoping for at least a peaceful walk, this was spoilt by noisy trucks travelling up and down carrying grit and building materials for whatever work they were doing in the Stewards House.

So Heligan was a let-down today.

The photo is sunflowers in the more formal garden. The bricks in the wall behind have been pecked and hollowed out by birds getting grit to help make their eggshells in the nesting season.

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