busy, busy, day!

Buddy and Hendrix came at 07:30'ish, had breakfast and went off to play with all the dinosaurs and stuff in the dining room.
Marlane got her Mum ready to go out, she has started going to a day care centre where they do all sorts of activities. Some of them are a bit difficult for Betty due to her dementia and profound deafness but she still seems to enjoy the company. So, dropped Hendrix at school and then dropped Betty at the centre.
got back and suggested I take Buddy to the cemetery to water the flowers, he really enjoyed himself. 3 watering cans full went onto the 2 graves but in this weather it's a daily task.
Took Buddy to the Jet Wash, at the garage, and he sat in while I blasted my MX-5 with soap and jet was rinsing water. He was squealing so much I had to check no water was getting in!
A blast around the outer ring road to blow the water off and back home.
Off just before 11 to pick up Joanne, took Buddy with me as usual so I drop them both at home. They then go to get Hendrix from School about half an hour later.
Took Jonty to the groomers at 12:00.
Home, and Ruby and Eric arrived a little while later. They had fun playing in the lawn sprinkler, and Ruby riding the Unicorn across the prairie but before the sprinkler came out.
Picked Jonty up at 2:30.
Got the 3 x 3 metre Gazebo out mid afternoon so the children could have some shade.
When they had all gone we filled up the garden pressure thingy, that thing you put insecticide and stuff in, but filled it with a Bleach solution as the gazebo, which is very old, had black patches where the water gathers when it rains. Sprayed the whole thing, after Marlane had sewn up a few areas where the seams had gone.
Oh, and in between Buddy/Hendrix and Ruby/Eric we spray painted a small card table, a metal photo frame and a letter holder.

So just a normal day at the Rose's.

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