By dfb24

Wild Geranium

I listed Tom's motorcycle on Craig's List last evening. My brother said to use his number & he'd handle the calls or texts for me, which was so nice of him, but I feel bad, because he received a text at midnight and another one at 0410, from two different people, asking if the bike was still available. It clearly shows on the listing that it was just entered at 10 pm, so how anyone could think it was sold during the night I'll never know. And some of these people who text can't be the smartest people as they don't/can't read. If I wanted to purchase a large item I'd read the description carefully.  I put ALL the facts about the bike in the description, and someone texted to ask: "How many miles are on the bike".....it's in the description. Someone texted to ask what was the make and the model year.....it's in the description. Someone actually texted to ask what color it is.....it's in the description, not to mention the 6 photos that are also included, & all 6 of them show that it's black! He's also gotten two scam texts, one being from someone saying they're in the service & are deployed, but they want to buy the bike & will pay a company to come and pack it up and ship it. My brother thought it was strange that someone who was deployed was somehow reading Milwaukee's Craigs List, so he looked it up online, and sure enough it's a scam. He did text back and forth with someone who seems legit, so we'll see. I met my sister for lunch, and she was laughing so hard as I was telling her all this; she said (very tongue in cheek) "perhaps the person who asked the color of the bike is color blind"....we both were saying thank goodness our brother was dealing with it & not me!! I owe him big time!!  :)

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