By AnneILM60


I slept long and hard last night, sleeping right through Kent getting up and leaving for work! I got a late start to my day.

Today was a day full of lots of little things that needed doing. I did some on-line shopping that I desperately needed to get done and also went to the on-line registry for Caroline & Jacob’s wedding and bought their wedding present.

I’ve known Caroline her whole life and as a small girl I would call her Princess Caroline but she would tell me she was Strawberry Shortcake! As a result I have always called her Princess Strawberry Shortcake Caroline. She has grown into an amazing woman.

I made chocolate peanut butter fudge today. When Kent was at the Lumberton Plant last week, he had lunch with the two main fellas that work there. They commented that the lunch was good but wished they had “dessert”. This was their not so subtle hint that they wished for some of my baking!

Kent is going to be going to both the Hamlet and Lumberton Plants tomorrow so I put together 5 containers of fudge for him to take. 2 for my favourite ladies at Hamlet, 2 for the fellas at Lumberton and 1 for the manager of both Hamlet & Lumberton Plants.

Yes, I also got some bead weaving done!

Took care of Troy in the evening and when you have a biscuit in your hand, it’s amazing how beautifully he sits without being told! :-) (see extra)

As has become the routine, MiniMe came out from under Jim’s porch and walked me home so she could get her evening treat (see extra)

I think my sunflower has about 15 open faces at the moment!

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