Big Hill

By bighill

Hi there blippers...

I'm not one for posting sp's, but this morning i was taking one to post on the community site that has been set up for my dear friend Glenn who will be undergoing surgery on thursday. It is so amazing how this thing called the internet has changed the way we can come together as a community to foster care and love! There is always so much to be done when a catastrophe hits a family, they run a very successful pottery and farm in the Perth Ontario not only does the family have to deal with the pain and worry, but regular life has to be continued. They live within a very strong and committed community, so i know they are being well taken care off. Both Ali and Glenn have been right there, dropping their lives when tragedy has struck others - they are well loved!

Anhooo, i just like that i was waving at Glenn and so i thought i'd wave you lot too :)

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