By Ingeborg

Summer's Day

A green-veined white butterfly on a candytuft seed head in between other candytuft flower heads in bloom in my flower patch mid morning. Strangely enough with hayfever bugging me rather badly almost the whole year I'm feeling better outside than inside at the moment, there's something in the air inside that is hurting my eyes and skin more every day. I've decided I'd better take all the allium flowers out of the living room to see if they are the culprits as I can't think what else it could be !  Fingers crossed it is/was that, because the itch and burn is driving me crazy. Outside with the many showers these past days there is not much pollen around and the temperature is quite pleasing.

Thanks so much for your 365th Abstract Thursday entries, I really enjoyed seeing the examples of abstracts you like best ! Had a tough time choosing 5 specials and decided to choose 5 examples of different abstract techniques :-) Here's the list of those:
evolybab             beautiful pattern made by mixed apps
AngelsShare      very natural pattern abstract
Hyperion             double exposure with colour effect
Nanzy19             floral colours and shapes abstract through multi exposure
gen2                    icm plus an extra touch of reality
Thanks for all the entries, here's to the next 365 Abstract Thursdays :-)
This coming week the optional theme on Thursday will be 'animal' :-) So please put on your thinking caps on how to make an animal abstract !! The tag will be AT366 of course.

And thanks so much for the kind comments, stars and even a heart for yesterday's leek flower bursting open !

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