The Hazyland Boys

By TheHazylandBoys

Hot Day Out

The boys and I were entertaining at a fair in Slagelse today. Trine and Helle were there too with their dogs. 

We were entertaining for 30 minutes and Xmas opened the show. He helped me demonstrate how we use positive reinforcement to get our dogs to do rather complex behaviours and then he performed his Pinocchio routine. 

Then Trine and Joey performed their Freestyle routine and Helle and Mocca performed a Heelwork To Music routine. 

I then went into the ring with Gollum and explained the difference between Heelwork To Music and Canine Freestyle before we performed our Game Of Thrones routine. 

Trine and Joey finished with their Heelwork To Music routine. 

It was about 30 degrees C. and the 30 mins were very very intense with costume change, one dog in and another dog out and 2 performances. I felt unwell when we were done. 

Luckily I felt better after about 10 mins and we went out to get some ice cream.

We sat in the shade with the dogs for a couple of hours and talked before we went home. A wonderful day with dogs and friends. 

Helle and I took the dogs to the lake for a swim on the way home. OMG it was so so so nice!

My main picture is (from left) Pixi, Joey, Xmas, Tango, Gollum, Mocca and Ex-it with the Town Mascots. Xmas hates when I leave him with strangers - he was not afraid of the mascots - he just wanted to go back to his mum :.-)

I have uploaded some extra too. 

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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