By pandammonium


After all of my recent exertions, I felt I deserved a day of rest. So I rested.

While resting in the garden (in the sunny/cloudy, hot/cool, still/windy weather),* I heard the chirruping of a grasshopper somewhere in the garden. Then I saw an actual grasshopper right in front of me. Wikipedia says they’ve been around since the dinosaurs!

I went in after a while and netflixed-and-chilled till it was time to make the tea.

Mr Pandammonium mainly stayed in the garden listening to the cricket. While I was outside with him, he’d update me when something happened. (This is a very generous description: not much happens in cricket.)

‘They’ve made a wicker basket.’ (That may be a gross paraphrase.)

I’d barely look up from my book. ‘Is that good?’

* All combos applicable.

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