Bridge reflections

Some time way back, before the pandemic, I booked tickets for a concert by Yes at Newcastle City Hall. It was postponed twice, and finally rescheduled for this evening.

We drove down to Newcastle mid-afternoon, and booked in to our hotel by the quayside before walking up to meet Frank and Rena for a pre-concert meal. Then time to join the queue to get in to the City Hall. After 2 years of being very careful about social distancing and mask-wearing, I admit to feeling more than a little uneasy about suddenly mixing with a huge number of people in a confined space! But the concert was brilliant, with the added bonus of a talk and exhibition by Roger Dean, who designed the 'Yes' logo and album covers.

Afterwards we said goodbye to Rena and Frank before walking back to the hotel across the Millennium Bridge, seen here with its top arch lit in rainbow colours and reflecting in the River Tyne.

(Daytime view of the bridge as an extra. Apparently it was the first tilting bridge to be built - I'd love to be there when it opens...)

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