You'll Believe A Patron Can Fly!

On This Day In History
1938: Superman makes his comic book debut in Action Comics #1.

Quote Of The Day
"You go use that strength of yours to help and inspire folk, maybe that S can be something that reminds us of the best we can be."
(Jonathan Kent)

Bonus Quote Of The Day
"Superman is the sun that all others revolve around. The story is a representation of an alien being who comes to Earth and just so happens to blend in among humans while using his unique abilities, not to rise above us, but to help us. He cannot be a god because gods are dictators who set rules for others to follow. Superman sets rules for himself and uses these rules for our benefit. The myth was perfected from the 1950's through roughly the 1970's under the pencil of a severe talent, Curt Swain. If America has a legend comparable to the ageless myths of antiquity, there's is Superman."
(Alan Moore, 1999, being interviewed about his Image Comics Supreme work)

Well said, Alan. This is why Superman should never be given the "realist" treatment - inspired by Alan Moore's Watchmen - that other superheroes have been subjected too. Superman is a paragon, he can be nothing less. While Frank Miller's "realistic" interpretation of Batman in The Dark Knight Returns worked splendidly, his Superman was dreadful. Superman can inhabit a Metropolis steeped in cynicism, but Superman himself cannot be touched by it, as Christopher Reeve showed us in two of the greatest Superman films ever.  If Superman is not someone that inspires us to be the best that we can be, then he cannot be Superman.
Another beautiful day. I spent a couple of hours at Universal City Walk. I bought a couple of souvenirs which would be hard to buy anywhere else, ate an omurice lunch and then came home. 

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