Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

Closed shutters

A fairly early morning down at the park this morning at 7 am. I walked down but took the bus back up the hill.

More Agapanthus flowers are starting to open up and I liked the romantic feel these have against the closed shutters of the big villa in the middle of the park.

There were the usual dog walkers, not always being respectful as  dogs were allowed to relieve themselves on the flowers and their owners didn't always use their doggie bags to clean up after them when needed. Such a shame, as people go to this park to have their picnics on the grass and small children roll and play in the grass.

It was 20C this morning at 7 am, but it had reached 26C by 10 am (the limit of comfortable for me!)

In case you are interested to read about this mansion, you can find a very short text here:
- the rising sun just starting to filter through the trees and light up the grass
- an interesting man with a mission, carrying a heavy backpack, walking poles and a map. 

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