By spannarama

Evening light

Busy work day.  I had a final session of Power BI training this morning, which turned out to be very useful (got a lovely dashboard to share with my team now!), and a catch-up with the two colleagues I line manage this afternoon.  Did my best to fit in some work around those things. 

Had a nice phone call with my brother this afternoon, too, arranging who's going to stay with my Mum when our sister is on holiday in August.  All very fair - he's going for the first few days, I'm going for the last few.  He and my sister-in-law have just got back from a week in Santorini for their 30th wedding anniversary.  Sounds like they had a fabulous time.

Tim signed us up for a Gousto delivery recently, and he cooked the first meal from the kit tonight - a figgy chicken curry.  It was delicious!  Neither of us are impressed with how much packaging it entails though - much of it is recyclable, but it's pretty excessive.

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