Nightjars at sunset

A quiet day until the evening when we met other RSPB members in the  New Forest to go in search of Nightjars. As we walked to the most likely heathland area to see them, we spotted  a Spotted Flycatcher flitting about (and yes, catching flies!), and Meadow Pipits and Skylarks. My blip is of the setting sun just after 9pm. Soon after, we arrived at a clearing bounded by heather, gorse, birch and heather, and  waited.At 9.45pm we got our first glimpse of a nightjar flying overhead, followed by hearing its  distinctive "song" which is a churring sound, and "kwick, kwick" like calls. Over  the next forty minutes we heard, and  saw, about a handful of Nightjars as they flew over the  scrub, catching  moths and other insects. It was  a very special glimpse into the nocturnal life of an unusual bird.                  

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