Tour De France

The boys and I left home at 9.30ish and drove to Holbæk. We found one of the designated parking areas and left the car. The we walked about 1 km to the road, where the bike riders from Tour De France would pass a little past 1 pm.

We found a great first row place and waited for 1½ hour. It was never boring. Huge decorated vans advertising all kinds of things were passing and throwing gifts for people. Everybody were talking to each other and the boys were cuddled almost non-stop. 

People followed the race via phones, so we knew when to expect the the athletes to pass. A little past 1 PM, a car with a large speaker passed and announced that the 4 riders that had left the group were approaching. We already knew that Denmark’s Magnus Cort had attacked early and was between the 4 in the lead so of course we were all very very excited. 

Less than 10 mins later the rest of the athletes came too and passed within seconds. And then it was all over. It had been a lot of fun though even if what we actually came to see didn't take very long. 

You can see a small video here.  It was scary have fast they moved! 

We left Holbæk and drove to Ringsted, where we met with Helle and her dogs. We spent a couple of hours doing Nose Work,

We arrived home at 6ish PM and the boys are exhausted - but I think they have had a great day.

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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