A day of rest

The boys have had a very active weekend, so today has been a day of rest for them.

We went for a morning walk and an afternoon walk and that's it. They seem to have enjoyed just hanging out. 

Denmark has celebrated Tour De France for 3 days over the weekend - all everyone were talking about was the tour... until Sunday evening, when it all came to a sudden halt!

A gunman opened fire in Denmark's largest mall. 3 people were killed and 6 were seriously injured. Many had minor injuries from falling or hurting themselves when trying to escape. 

It was very chaotic - see more here.  But the police have handled the situation so well. It took 13 mins from the alarm and until the gunman had been arrested. After that the police spent 24 hours making sure it was just this one man. The first press conference was held less than 3 hours after the shooting and since then the public has been informed from press conferences with just 3 or 4 hours in between. 

It has felt very safe considering that it is a very unsafe situation. Not knowing often makes you imagine the worst and the police have been very reassuring and professional. 

Still today is a sad day and my thoughts go out to those that lost their dear ones in in a meaningless act of evil. 

See you tomorrow 
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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