Where the Fritillaries Dance

My love and I decided it was time to go to Whipple Dam for a swim. So we packed up our car with the swim stuff, ran a few errands in town, nabbed some KFC for our lunch, and headed on over to Whipple.

The big news there is that the milkweed is blooming, and it smells like heaven! The fritillaries are out in force, and I saw more of them on this day than I may have seen anywhere, at any time!

They danced and played among the milkweed blooms, and I stood there happily, with a great big grin on my face, snapping away. A group of four of them rose, chasing one another, and I could almost hear the laughter of children, like tiny golden bells, as they played.

Here are two shots for you to enjoy. The first one, above, features two fritillaries and a photobomb fuzzybutt bumblebee. "Wait, wait, don't click that shutter! I've got to get into this shot!" the bee seemed to say.

The second shot, in the extras, features two fritillaries posing, showing their underwings. I thought they looked like airplanes, lined up in a hangar, getting ready for take-off! Check your engines! Landing gear UP!

Now, I've got two photos, so let's give this one two soundtrack songs. Let's take a country turn with our music on this day. For the dancing fritillaries, my song is Garth Brooks, with a live version of The Dance, a personal favorite. Oh, whatever you do, don't miss the dance.

The second one is by Sara Evans, with Vince Gill singing back-up. It's her first big hit, and it's called No Place That Far. I'm sending it out to that boy I love, who's waiting for me by the car. You are all I ever wanted in this world.

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