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Ewing's Elocution

More on what I find awesome in my old age, here is a book I bought from a charity shop. It's the 17th edition of Principles of Elocution by Thomas Ewing, very concerned about rising & falling inflections and pauses in the right places. Awesome things about it:
*   it is 188 years old and cost £9.99 today (was 4/6 in 1834),
*   it naturally falls open at this page. At first, I thought serieses was a joke and you could have serieseses of serieses of series (a series in itself) but actually it's using series as singular and serieses as plural,
*   the soul is feminine,
*   the 1860s owner, then a secondary school pupil, has written his name on the front & back inside covers, practising a flourish on his first name,
*   the internet makes it easy to find out more about him. He went on to become a Writer of the Signet and lived in a grand Edinburgh house with his brother who was a law professor and knighted towards the end of his life. The house boasted 17 rooms with windows and 3 or 4 servants.

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