One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Blind date

Jordan was a bit nervous. Had he gone overboard with the massive bunch of flowers? Was it extravagant on a first date? He was so eager to impress. This time, he had a really good feeling about this blind date. Alex. Alex. He kept silently mouthing her name. Alex. Lovely Alex. Sexy Alex. Lively Alex. He had to try really hard not to rhyme her name with Durex. But who knows. The attraction might be immediate. And reciprocal. And charged with sexual tension in need of immediate release. He really had a good feeling about this blind date. 

Alex was a bit nervous. He hoped that he didn't come across as stuffy, in his best work suit. Made to measure by Louis Copeland and Sons of Capel Street. He had tried to highlight to lighter side of himself and opted for his lucky tie. His maddest, most colourful tie. His blue and yellow silk tie made in Firenze. The choice of colours was also virtue signalling. He could play the solidarity with Ukraine card to Jordan, and show her his caring, softer side. He would show her that one can be a top drawer corporate lawyer and a nice, gentle, romantic and well-meaning guy in search of a soul mate. He was actually grateful to his PA for having set up the blind date. He had been wrong to have toyed with the idea that she may hate him for all the last minute overtime he was getting her to do most weeks. But he was a hot shot lawyer and all the cases were extremely high profile. He would try not to talk shop with Jordan. Make her laugh. He had to make her laugh. Keep the conversation light and flowing. It had been so hard for him since the divorce with Nathalie. He thought that he would never be able to trust another woman again. That he would never love again. But he felt so lonely. He was ready for romance again. He had time, there was no rush. He was ready to fall in love again. He actually had a very good feel about this blind date. But on a Dart train, imagine! Mrs Murphy was full of surprise. He might give his old trusted PA a pay rise after all. Maybe even match the inflation. When did he last give a raise? 2002? No, before that, it was still punts back then. But enough thinking about money. Now was the time for love. Oh Jordan, sweet Jordan... 

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