Ready for Summer

Summer looks to have arrived and at work we are doing our bit to protect the builders by selling sun lotion .. This shot is of the display and I have played around with it by inverting the colours for Abstract Thursday .
Work was very busy and I was trying to tie up a lot of loose ends as I am now on holiday for 10 days. We are traveling to Newcastle tomorrow and coming back Tuesday so my blips may be a little hit and miss with possible mobile shots or even some back blips but come Wednesday I should be back to blipping normal and be all caught up. Looking forward to 2 days of Rugby league at St James park on Saturday and Sunday and Friday , Monday & Tuesday sight seeing which will hopefully give me back a bit of my mojo that I have lost for the last few days .
Julie is a t work so will be picking her up around 11.30  and then she is off work for a couple of weeks 

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