High Summer at Dishley

That's the thing about summer, it's not really attractive. The plants have flowered, the heat is on, the grass shrivels and dries and the trees droop.

Looking at the BBC Weather app, I realised it would be much better if we took Basil for a walk before midday when it was still relatively pleasant, unlike the intense heat of late afternoon and evening. There's quite a lot of shade round Dishley Pool.

This photo is of the playing fields, magnificently uninteresting.

Actually watched most of the Men's Finals from Wimbledon. Was Kyrgios talking to himself?

Extras of Basil having a good run and of a great crested grebe adjusting her nest in the middle of the pool. I don't know if it's fixed to anything or is just floating. Some 'humbugs' to look forward to.

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