Wedding fun

Well, four of us finally arrived at the wedding suitably garbed: me, my husband, our son and a small grandson. It was glorious sunshine so the church door was wide open and we had a pew handily poised for a quick exit. Just as well as the almost three year old was enchanted by the whole event and started in on a constant commentary at full volume, including "'Finished now, go play" "Go play" was then the order of the day so my son saw the first few minutes and the last few minutes of the service. The churchyard and the school playground next door had lots of shady spots and interesting things. He did look very smart in his cool shades and he enjoyed blowing bubbles and entertains the other guests after the wedding.
The bride arrived in the rather cool 2CV. 
It was lovely wedding.

I'm finally posting this 2 days late. I shouldn't have been surprised that I failed to blip after we all got back to our AirBnb. Allmy photos turned out to be playing in the churchyard not the actual wedding but the extra is the bride and groom discussing the best way to actually cut the cake in the wedding yurt.

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