Daisy, Daisy, Oh For The Love Of You...

Desperate for a break, my long suffering wife and I are having a break in Wales. 

With a limping dog..... 


A year ago Hollie had a massive and last ditch operation to save her leg. Next stop amputation. 

A year with no real issues, she has been a star and her recovery has been amazing. 

Then yesterday, she starts limping. The leg looks swollen and very painful. She can't put weight on it at all. 

Damn, damn, dammit 

We have her booked in with the vet tomorrow, first thing. X-Ray and consultation. 

Fingers and other appendages crossed. 

The blip is a fabulous bank of wild flowers on the park where we are staying. It looks fantastic in the early evening light. 

Fingers crossed... 

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