By Shutterup

fly trap

This little guest has spent her day sleeping .. she had decided on a morning chair and then an afternoon chair.. in between snoozes she has enjoyed chasing flies.. in the images you can see her trying to recapture a housefly that she has previously caught and pestered until it could rearrange its wings and escape once more.. she did eventually give up on it and went back to her chair for a much needed sleep. 
I have been enjoying the perfect summer weather, a light breeze and sun which took the temperature up to about 24C ... lovely!!  
Much success with the van work today and this will be the 6th night she has slept in it and is excited to be making progress.
We have hot water once more. The plumber was a little surprised to see that the thermostat was full of water.. no wonder it popped the house electrics! Thankfully the tank survived the removal and replacement of the immersion without cracking.. apparently that is a common problem...phew!

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