By AnneILM60

I’m bored!

This morning I sorted out my two (yes two) underwear drawers while messaging with Mum.
Then before heading out, I messed about with the garden art out front. The July pinwheels needed straightening and I always rearrange the robins, owl, butterfly & bug from time to time.
Then I decided the burgundy bird poop on our white garage door had to come off. There were 5 deposits! The birds eat the berries on the crepe myrtles and then somehow manage to leave deposits on the garage door despite the roof overhang. If left long enough it stains.
I had just finished that when Mr Roy Jenkins (84 and lives on College Rd) did his daily walk past our house and had to stop and talk. He used to walk 3 miles a day but now it’s just 1.5 miles. He loves to say “Hey” if I’m out front.
While we were talking the FedEx guy arrived with the corner curio cabinet we ordered and had thought was lost in transit! We were going to be filing a claim tomorrow!! Glad I was still home as I had him put it in the garage for me, where Kent & I can later assemble it. As always, gave my guy a bottle of both cold water & Gatorade.
That done, I actually got out the door and went up to Rocky Point and had new wiper blades put on the Mariner, both front & back. On the way back stopped at my favourite gas station where I can get silver grade gas without ethanol. Only needed 2.5 gallons but I was passing so stopped.
Then went to Hudson’s and got the sweet corn logs for the squirrels. They are eating them like butter!
It’s now 1 pm and I’ve had lunch and am about to get back to working on Stars.
At 5:30 I head over to take care of Troy and spot this skimmer on the garden wall The insert is MiniMe where she stopped and looked over her shoulder on our way back, to make sure I was making it across the bridge okay.
At 7pm was our monthly MS Zoom meeting
I’m bored!

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