Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Young Bear

We were getting ready to go for our walk this morning at about 7:00 AM when The Husband - standing over near the door - said "You've got to see this." I tried to get a photo with my big camera but the damned thing was much too close, so I had to go with the phone. And then of course it had its head behind the boxwood. But anyway - I managed to get three quick shots before we had to close the inner door to prevent the dogs from going out. He was climbing up on the rock to eat the rather small amount of sunflower seed chips that were there for the birds.

After I got my blip (priorities!) we opened the door and yelled at him and he left. And then, to add to the excitement, we were walking up our little path through the fringe of woods around the hayfield and there were TWO bears, grubbing around for insects under some fallen trees! They were at a decent distance and ran off when I clapped my hands - but wow! First time we've ever encountered them in the woods on our walk. This pair was probably two females - pretty adult from the looks of them. Bigger and fatter and fluffier than the poor young, somewhat mangy bear that was at the house.

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