By Ridgeback13


Managed to start well by rearranging how we organised the morning and A went to Livingston herself for her ENT appointment (she has lots of small nosebleeds all the time so was having it checked out) and I managed to fit in a brisk walk to the farmers market for some good veg for Monday before changing into my all black garb and heading over to my final graduation.
I wasn’t really feeling it….had expected it to feel more momentous but it was a bit flat to be honest and because I didn’t take any proleptic painkillers by the end of it my back was agony. K was more moved than me I think so we got D to take some photos of us together then I hobbled out. A had brought Paisley to meet me which was lovely and we crawled home and I took the pills and lay on the sofa whilst she made us a lovely BLT sandwich for lunch. I felt revived afterwards and it was her turn to slump….the painkillers had worn off from her cauterising and her late night last night had caught up with her, so I left her to snooze and went over to V’s. We had a brisk walk down to Portobello and along the prom and back, then sat in her garden with some lemonade and crisps….talking non stop the whole time! Nice to catch up…
Stopped at the supermarket on the way home and made supper for A. Her nose is now running like a tap and she wasn’t feeling great, so we had a quiet evening with me making more lists. Tomorrow will be busy!

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