Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

A scorcher of a day

It was so hot when I woke up that I decided not to go for a run. Instead, after breakfast we went sailing again as it is a good choice on such a hot day with the slightly cool breeze. It reached 31C today and in Cambridge it was even hotter, the boys said it was awful - the last record of the hottest day was in Cambridge in 2019 when temperatures reached 38.7C but that record will be broken this year. 

The sailing was lovely, so relaxing and today Xena was much more relaxed than yesterday and not so nervous. She was noticing all the birdlife and enjoyed looking around her as we sailed along. You can only sail around the high tide times as the water is too shallow at low tide, being such a flat coastline, so after about 2 hours we came back in again.

My blip is of a sailing boat which has the traditional red sails - the sails were traditionally red as the white sails were treated to prevent them rotting, and the treatment caused the sails to go red. The treatment used was either herring oil, ochre or horse urine. These days they are dyed red! An extra of the harbour as we finished sailing.

We sprayed Xena down with a cold shower to cool her off as she was finding the heat excessive today. We stayed home and had a BBQ lunch, and spent the afternoon lazing about. At about 5.30pm we went down to the beach when it was cooler for a walk. By now it was low tide, and at low tide the water is so far out it is nearly 2km to walk to the water's edge from the top of the beach.We walked to the creek to see the seals - I was not impressed to see some children on holiday who were trying to swim with the seals, with their dog. I am sure the seals found this very disturbing. I have an extra of a seal who was lazily snapping at flying insects. 

Tomorrow will be even hotter with a forecast of 40C. We won't sail as high tide is near to midday which will be very hot, so we probably will head home before lunch. I dread to think how hot it will be when we get home, our house with its large glass windows and doors is like a greenhouse and gets extremely hot in summer (but is pleasantly warm in winter). 

I have also added an extra of the sunset last night, it was not that spectacular but good to see all the same.

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