Wow, what a scorcher of a day!  Hardly any breeze and still in the high 20's this evening! 

Woke up to a hot day, blue skies.  Spoke to my friend and she asked me to go to the chemist for her prescription.  Did a few chores indoors and them went to the chemist and round to see her as the tablets will not be in until this afternoon.  Went to see K and sat in the shade in his garden with a cold drink and chatted.  Did some cooking when I came home as it couldn't be left any longer.  Also had lunch.
Back round to K's this afternoon and we biked to the boatyard and there was a nice coolish breeze, came back to K's and had an icecream.  Took a few photos but again lacking in motivation!
Hope you are all managing to stay fairly cool and drinking lots of fluid.

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