By Shutterup


Just too hot altogether.. if this happens again I am emigrating!!
However, to put it in perspective.. it is two days only and not months on end and tomorrow sounds like it will be more normal.. about 25 which is currently the temperature in my living room.  I feel stuffy and long for a breeze as I have remained indoors for the most part today. I did venture out for an appointment but having braved 37C to get there and park and find the place I was told that it would not happen today as the colleague was off sick (covid?) so I bought a few things nearby and headed home.. it was absolutely horribly hot and took me ages to recover.  We had a few spots of rain this afternoon but it didn't amount to much and just made the humidity levels to bed now. Hopefully no more nighttime power outs which trigger the burglar alarm in the next door house.. three times last night.. ugh!
The cat sniffed at a nice cool pad I made her incase she was too hot but didn't entertain lying anywhere near it... ah well!  

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