Cosy Old Cardigan

By Stacebob

Morning Sun

Well, last night was an absolute disaster. I didn't sleep at all before 3:30am, after rotating between literally dripping with sweat on the bed, having stomach issues in the bathroom, then trying to cool down and rehydrate downstairs. The one bonus of being awake at stupid o'clock is that I was able to catch the slug that's been terrorising our living room carpet at night for the last few days... I managed to get about an hour kip before I was back in the bathroom, then about another hour before the heat woke me again. This snap was taken at 7:09am as I headed back to the bathroom... I made an effort to work but ended up taking the afternoon off after almost nodding off twice at my desk. Unfortunately I didn't manage as much of a nap as I'd wanted as our neighbours are renovating, so there's lots of banging and clonking and drilling and scraping noises happening, but I did get about another hour in. I couldn't concentrate on reading so decided to start playing a video game called Unpacking, where you literally just unpack and sort boxes after a house move, and it was just the kind of incredibly low stakes, soothingly repetitive, no-brain-needed activity I was looking for. It's been much cooler today so I'm hoping that tonight will be better!

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