*¨*:•Everyday Magic•:*¨*

By Squatbetty

Five Rise Run

Went through to Shipley this morning for a few bits and bobs and called at the Bridge in Cottingley for coffee and gingerbread on the way home.

Went for a run this evening. Ran up the Three Rise and Five Rise Locks. There was some sort of race going on along the canal with "proper" runners, they had numbers on their vests and everything... I felt even more inadequate than usual, although saying that I did manage 4 achievements on Strava, including 3 PRs :-)

Finished watching the second series of Sanditon tonight. I loved it (Esther remains my favourite character/actress) and everything seems set up nicely for a third season. This series felt much more Jane-Austeny than the first to me.

Main gongoozler photo was taken at the top of the Five Rise Locks for today's widwed, thanks to BobsBlips for hosting. Added an extra - a slice of bread giving me some glutenous love ♥

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