New glasses

We had a lazyish morning, a quick bite of apple and cheese, then headed into Parnell to pick up some leaflets for delivery. Hubby was very thoughtful and let me sit in the car while he delivered them, as there were one or two hills and he didn’t want me putting too much pressure on my leg. As we set off I received a call to tell me that my new glasses were ready for collection, so an appointment was made for late afternoon.

Leaflets delivered, I went for my appointment.  Both sets of glasses needed some adjustment for fit.  The young man adjusted the left-hand arm of my normal glasses, checked the fit, then disappeared to adjust the right-hand arm.  He reappeared after some time to apologise that, whilst warming the end of the arm to make the adjustment it had “melted”.  Oops!  He explained that they would try to get a new frame as soon as possible and, in the meantime, I could wear the glasses.  If it wasn’t possible to get exactly the same frame, I would go in to choose another frame and a new set of lenses would be made to fit.  Hopefully, it won’t come to that.  I felt so sorry for the young man but he didn’t seem too perturbed.  It’s something that hasn’t happened before, so a learning curve for him.  The arms of my sunglasses were adjusted without incident.

Tonight we watched two episodes of Sherwood on catch up on hubby’s iPad. If it weren’t for the fact that we have to be up reasonably early in the morning, we would have watched the final episode.  Gripping stuff!

The blip shows my old glasses on the left and the new glasses on the right.

There are 7,627 new community cases today, and the seven-day rolling average is 7,776 compared to 9,161 to last Thursday. The number of people in hospital is 827, including 24 in ICU. The seven-day rolling average of deaths attributable to Covid-19 is now 18, and a total of 1,455 deaths have been confirmed as attributable to Covid-19 either as the underlying cause of death or as a contributing factor.

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