It was time to have an outing, to the Dancing River Spirit, owned and operated by Cora-Lee and George. I've blipped them many times, but just as an recap....they put on feasts, once a month (George is an amazing Chef), centered around a particular book. There are usually about 18-22 folks, all seated around one large table, 6 courses are served, and in between each course, George tells us what we've just eaten (the menu is very obscure!) and Cora-Lee entertains us with readings from the book.

The theme of this feast was Henry and June...the diaries of Annais Nin! Here is Cora-Lee, reclining in the corner, reading from the book!

It was a lovely event, i went alone cos Terry has some friends here i met some lovely new folks.

The food was as usual, delicious and unusual and the 3 1/2 hours it took to unfold were very entertaining.

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