By dogwithnobrain

That when good neighbours

S Said to me at work today are you watching the Neighbours finale!

I did not know it was on!

Neighbours circa 1988 was My era.

I wasn’t very well. Work Stress, separation, and a difficult home situation piled upon me and I had a bit of a breakdown.

I watched Neighbours twice a day; 130 and 1730… and cried at both episodes.

My theory in my sad little head at the time was that maybe the second episode would Improve.

It never did.

When I wasn’t watching the TV I hid it; under a tea towel; I didn’t want the TV to be seen… yeah. I know.

I can look back now and understand my behaviour was very peculiar but at the time it all made perfect sense to me.

Thankfully I recovered; I didn’t watch neighbours any more, and I never hid the TV again.

I wasn’t sure about watching tonight but who can resist the temptation of Guy Pearce?

In have to say that I really, really pray I have aged better than they have .. dear god I could not believe how bad some people looked.

I’m still wondering if that really was Kylie… S says she probably just wasn’t air brushed because neighbours don’t have an airbrush budget … if it was her. We’re being had!

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