Newbie Blipper

By GetYourBootsOn

Not My Art

We had another hot, sticky, fantastic wander through some new (to us) back streets of Granada tonight. I was clicking away on both my phone and ‘real camera’ and got a pile of stuff I’d love to blip. I guess that’s one of the challenges I’m finding with Blip, there are some days when it’s hard to post anything and others where the one pic is a severe limitation.
I have a website ( where I guess I can post as much as I want, but it’s not the same as this and it’s not a ‘blog’.
What blipping has made me realise is that I need a blog feed so I’m going to make one, I’ll keep you posted!
So for today I’ve settled on this pic I grabbed on the way back to the car tonight. I’m always dubious about recording what is someone else’s skilled effort but I’ve tried to add to it by framing it and trying to add to the context in where the face was painted.

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