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By BarryBadcock

Haddenham Church ICM

Haddenham Church ICM
We were supposed to go to London today but plans changed. In preparation to the train journey I had downloaded a Kindle Book by Roxanne Bouché Overton called ‘Advanced ICM Techniques. 

I have been following her work on Instagram recently. She uses ICM in the Urban Landscape and a particular interest of mine.

I have only read a few pages but as I needed to pop to the shops today I took the Fuji x100v with me to have a go. 

She typically uses a medium telephoto lens with small movement in two directions ‘a number of times’ as an in camera multiple exposure. The Fuji has a 35mm full frame equivalent lens so wider that her  preferred equipment. 

I decided that maybe I needed to move the camera a little bit more to get the effect I was looking for but I soon decided I was going a bit to ‘far’ 

I was able to get the slow shutter by using the cameras inbuilt 3 stop neutral density filter. (1/9th second; 160iso; f/16). 

This image a combination of 5 frames in camera using Light Mode

The Fuji x100v saves ALL the files in a multiple exposures sequence, something that really annoyed me to begin with. On the Canon I only ever save the resulting image. Having said that, just recently I have been using one of the individual frames to bring a bit of reality back on a lower opacity layer in photoshop.

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