madwill's world

By madwill


I finally got out for a walk shortly after lunch…it was mostly sunny and warm, in complete contrast to the morning when it rained a lot! 

Today I just took my 70-300 zoom..I can only really manage one lens in the bag these days…this lens with the camera weighs in at 2kg! In the end I was spoilt for choice for a blip. I settled on this grasshopper, if only because I have not blipped one before! It is years since I actually saw one and I was lucky that there were a few about. 

I also saw plenty of butterflies and some dragonflies (in the air) now wondering if I should take my macro lens another time!!

I have done quite a few miles walking this week….I am breaking in a new pair of boots as I have worn through the last pair…the new ones are the same as the last ones, they fit well and so far I have had no problems with rubbing or pinching. 

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