By Myceliumme

The road not travelled

(I'm not posting the whole Cyclometer map because that would show where the boss lives. I was amused by the wee zig-zag anomaly where we entered the Innocent Railway tunnel.)

I had various things to achieve this weekend, some of which included delivering physical things to the boss: a hard copy of our project report, some train tickets and an USB stick. NB it was not essential that that I delivered these on a weekend, and the boss would have walked to campus to print the report. But these tasks helped with choosing where to cycle today.

So my ever-wonderful better half and I cycled to my campus. She enjoyed (I hope) tea in the nearby Starbucks, while I sacrificed small goats to the god of printers*. The gods seemed to be appeased - the report printed without issue.

The better half and I then cycled to Musselburgh via the Innocent Railway path. We refuelled on coffee and toasties (vegan cheese and ham for me, beans and cheese for her), then pootled slowly back to town via Portobello and the Fishwives Causeway. The boss and her husband welcomed us with tea, yummy home-made flapjacks and catching up - far too long since we've see each other socially!

We're now back home – the better half is at her desk (don't ask!) while I'm blipping and doing laundry. I'm content with the statistics, given I've hardly cycled for months:
ride time         2:08:12
stopped time 2:40:43
distance                 17.89 miles
average speed 8.37 mph
fastest speed 27.25 mph 

* not really - I'm a vegan pacifist, but I'm sure you all know the feeling

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