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By HarlingDarling

Release Party

I love the way the bookbinding tribe knows how to make an occasion of everything. This evening was no exception. In the extra you can see Sven-Eric and Ing-Mari who were hosting the event,standing behind the special coloured string, that later would be cut by Ulrika to open the event. Kerstin and I "played trumpets" as she cut the string and the release party could begin. There was fizzy pop in a huge champagne bottle, and nibbles as we looked at our creations.

They were interestingly softish and yet firm enough to hold the shape - a curious sort of in between state. The main shows one of my two planters that look very similar - and work very well as night light holders! The third was made from old towelling and is more rustic in feel and appearance but also more concrete-y. I think there will be more! Apparently they are not "waterproof" which is news to me. The suggestion is to paint them with acrylic paint and varnish them. I think in that case that regular gloss paint would work, on top of a suitable base coat. Really good to see everyone's creations, and to plan the next session. We have a long list of potential creative things we can do together - there is a lot of affection in this group. Rather like blip, we are our most excellent selves with each other, supportive and encouraging - it's a lovely oasis.

It was an odd morning, I had a very disturbing dream around 3.30, which lead to some obsessively unsuitable-for-sleep thoughts, mainly about the war in Ukraine and all the horrors people are living through. I was awake/ half awake for an hour and restless for longer. So waking up happened at gone 9 o'clock!! Some sort of record for me. It was a bit drizzly and yet warm, we ate breakfast outside as the drizzle had blown away. Then the rain began.

I have done the first run-through of the translation I'm doing. It is about the use of organic infill for artificial grass football pitches, a product that will replace plastic granules which as so polluting - and use up a bi-product of forestry that otherwise gets burnt for district heating. Interesting. I needed to do a lot of reading around the subject as it was all new to me, and I have compiled a longish word list.

When it dried up I went out and pulled up grass, weeds and other rubbish from the path I am constructing between the deck and the upper garden area at Betty's. I don't appreciate slipping and sliding on wet grass, or frost-covered undergrowth so a natural looking bark-strewn path is in my mind's eye. So far it is a grass free area that will not involve wading through long grass where biters like to lie in wait for ankles to extract blood from.Sweaty work with a definite result you can see. My hands feel a bit sore from all the ripping and heaving up of roots, but it's worth it!

We have had a conversation with our camper-vanning pals who are in Italy, where Livia's Mamma lives. A plan is coming together for a trip to Ålesund in Norway almost the minute they arrive home. Which means we'll race home from the northern wedding, fill up on food and water and some more appropriate clothing, and then leave! First nothing happens, and then everything happens at once. I think the "making a floaty new frock for the wedding" idea has been parked, I've got lots of other things I can wear and I now realise it will be outdoors, in a tent at about 10 degrees, possibly in rain! I will need my long johns!! (Just checked: the forecast has improved, 13 degrees and rain in the morning, 19 and half sunny later on - but I will be working on the layer principle)

Max Blazer has sent the 4 T-shirts we ordered, in the mail from Ukraine today. Here's a link to the page on his blip journal where there's a link to the pictures of what he can produce. It feels like a good way to offer support in the form of money but also as encouragement for the creativity that is feeding Max with energy and satisfaction in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. I'll blip mine when they get here!

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