Keith B

By keibr

Oh dear! Hooray!

The hottest day for a while so we were mostly outside, from breakfast to late in the evening. It was much more comfortable in the shade so we worked in different parts of the garden, moving on as the sun swung across the sky.
Rain is forecast for tomorrow so I hadn't planned to water anything but then I noticed these potato plants had completely wilted. Water was needed!
I filled watering can after watering can from the two water butts at the corners of The Red House. Each frame got about 20 litres and since the butts are about 30 meters from the frames I got a good work out at the same time.
I would have continued, emptying the butts by the main house, and watering the other beds, but visitors arrived so I had to stop.
We had a fine evening showing Katarina and Paul our garden and house and chatting about how our various lives had worked out.
By the time they went home the football was over so I missed seeing the England team beat Germany, but I was very happy with the result. Both my sisters were watching it at Wembley so there were a few short films of them and their families leaping up and down and screaming with happiness (and relief) at the crucial points of the match!
In other news, darkness has now returned to mid-Sweden for a short period every night. After about 10 weeks of white nights we can once again see a few stars in the night sky.

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