By dogwithnobrain

Ill be there for you

Twas Tooli's birthday on Saturday and she took off at a rate of knotts to celebrate with her mateys in Bristol. 

These are the original Leven Laids who caused all sorts of havoc in their first floor flat in Leven Street next door to the Kings Theatre in Edinburgh. 

Tooli has been at school with L since Primary 1;  all thru Secondary and four years in Edinburgh at different Unis.   C, she met in Second year when they all moved into a flat together. 

The three off them went to Australia for 2 year, and on their return, they've been separated.   L stays in Bristol, C relocated to Edinburgh, and Tooli... well she's been in Warmister, Oxford and now Doha. 

An AirBB was gotten with Hot tub and views of fields. 

I'm happy to report, her hangover was as bad as mine. 

But she still had enough sense to text on Saturday night to make sure we had gotten home. 

PS - Tooli is the "unwell" one on the right of the shot ;-D

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