By amandoAlentejo


Took today as a sabbath, as we didn't really have one on Sunday... and, as the kayak was still on top of the car, decided to begin the day with a quick jaunt out from the end of the Lula walk. I wanted to see how it looked up by the small dam now the water has gone down so much.

Mike actually got out of the kayak, and went into the building at the base of the dam, the entrance studded with spiders. We'd heard something alive in there, but he never saw what it was. Rather him than me!

It's scary how fast the water is going down, the kayak scraped on the bottom in some places... and no prospect of rain this month, anyway...

Here is a view of the same place with rather more water, no waterfall today.

- getting a good night's sleep, first time in ages, think it was a bit cooler, makes such a difference, grateful to those who prayed for that last night
- sunshine through rose petals as I soaked in the wine vat
- end of day golden light on the hill opposite

And, thanks so much for all your kind comments on our paintwork yesterday.

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