By dfb24

A Powerful Storm...

...came through this morning with strong winds, bending trees and driving rain. It didn't last very long--maybe 10 or 15 minutes--before it moved out over the lake. I DO love a good storm, but didn't realize it had done so much damage until I left to pick up my daughter and grandkids. This was just at the end of my block & around the corner. Half a block in the other direction there were two more huge branches from two big old trees, both of which had fallen into the street and blocked it off. Fortunately I could go the other way, where there were smaller branches and leaves scattered everywhere I looked. The city crew was already by the branches blocking the road &  starting to cut them up and remove them. Quick response. I was already behind with my blips, but the painters covered everything with the sheets of plastic yesterday & taped them in place, including my desktop, so I didn't have access to it until they left for the day. They'll be back tomorrow morning to finish up. It's looking good. :)

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