Railway sleepers

A singularly unexciting photo, but an important development.

at the back of our garden, the beds (I refrain from calling them "flower" beds, as they don't have anything growing in them) slope steeply from the hedge down to the stone wall, with the result that all the earth and wood chippings slide down and all over the wall. We ordered some railway sleepers a few weeks back and my neighbour said he'd give me a hand with them. 

Just as I got home from visiting DavidC and talking at his club last night, my neighbour leant over the fence and said "shall we do the sleepers today". So my afternoon was pretty busy - it took us only about 3 hours to clear the earth, level the sleepers and drive the posts to fix them in, but was pretty tired at the end of it.

Two sloping beds in the back garden are however now under control.

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